API Graduation List 2020

API Graduation List 2020

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API Graduation List for 12/12/2020 that will be scientifically zoomed, watch out for the zoom link coming up shortly here. https://zoom.us/j/7924309829

Meeting ID: 792 430 9829
Find your local number: https://zoom.us/u/amcvT6Zhq
# Fname Onames Reg No
12087 ACHIKULE Alli 18/UG/PHC/087
12291 AFIMAN Savarino 19/UG/CPH/291
12236 AGELE Victor 19/SS/SWSA/236
12235 ALEX Woja Santino Sakata 19/SS/SWSA/235
12193 ALIGA Murujan 19/UG/PAM/193
12212 ALISON John Beyo 19/SS/PHC/212
12278 AMIATH Akol Akol 19/SS/SWSA/278
12110 ANDRUGA Dennis Isaac 19/SS/LPSM/110
12122 ANINGA Hellen Charles 19/UG/CBM/122
12368 ANTHONY Mabe Samuel 19/SS/SWSA/368
11482 ARTHEMAS Soroba Ephraim 19/SS/SWSA/482
11823 AYIKOBUA Joel 18/UG/FA/823
12190 BATALI Eli Moses 19/SS/PHC/190
12143 BETTY Night Nelson 19/SS/CPH/143
12141 CWINYAAI Walter 19/UG/PHC/141
12303 DANIEL Hassan 19/SS/SWSA/303
12292 DATA Emmanuel Clement 19/SS/CPH/292
12189 DEDI Isaac 19/UG/BAM/189
12245 DOMAI James 19/SS/PHC/245
12240 EDWARD Lugala Pesto 19/SS/PHC/240
12188 EMMANUEL Guya Simon 19/SS/NGO/188
12192 GAGA Richard Justin 19/SS/PPM/192
11593 GATLUAK Riek Bol 17/SS/FA/593
12191 INDE Innocent 19/UG/CPH/191
12198 JABULAN Data Simon 19/SS/PPM/198
12029 JACOB Bol Biar 18/SS/FA/029
12274 JAMES Atak Piol Achak 19/SS/PHC/274
12200 JAMES Tong Dak 19/SS/PHC/200
12205 JOHN Bol Garang 19/SS/PHC/205
12176 JOHN Chol Deng Chol 19/SS/FA/176
10960 JOHN Aguer Merker Arieu 19/SS/LPSM/960
11596 JOL John Mach Kudum 17/SS/PHC/596
12211 JONATHAN Ezikia Mudu 19/SS/PHC/211
12229 JULIANO Garang Mawien Mayath 19/SS/LPSM/229
12296 JURUGA Swaibu 19/UG/NGO/296
12486 KENDRICK Geu Madit 20/SS/CBM/486
12431 KISITU Edward 19/UG/PHC/431
12137 LADU Rufas 19/SS/PHC/137
12241 LODINYA Taban Ezekiah Mabe 19/SS/PHC/241
12147 LODU Emmanuel Wani 19/SS/PHC/147
11185 LUKA Loyen Lochul 15/SS/PHC/185
11813 MAJOK John Thok Beek 18/SS/PHC/813
11353 MALIAMUNGU Moses 16/SS/PHC/353
12208 MANGWI Robert 19/UG/PHC/208
12220 MANOAH Rhoda Aluel 19/SS/HRM/220
12130 MANYOK Gabriel Jual 19/SS/BAM/130
12109 MARIA Aman Marik 19/SS/PHC/109
12173 MARK Kuot Mayen 19/SS/PHC/173
11494 MATHIANG Garam Simon 17/SS/LPSM/494
11085 MAWA Kaward Ephraim 15/SS/PAM/085
12243 MOGA Richard 19/SS/SWSA/243
12277 MUONG Akok Akol 19/SS/PHC/277
12269 MUTABAZI Gideon 19/UG/PPM/269
12153 NGOLIA Vivian 19/UG/PHC/153
12001 NICHOLA Batali James 18/SS/PHC/001
12135 NYAKUA Collins 19/UG/BAM/135
12131 OLIVER Woja Kenyi 19/SS/LPSM/131
12099 OMONA Dickens 18/SS/PHC/099
12085 ONENCAN Godfrey 18/UG/PAM/085
12284 ONZIMA John 19/SS/SWSA/284
12121 PETER Akuei Deng Bol 19/SS/PAM/121
11879 PETER Atak Deng 18/SS/PHC/879
11923 PETER Bith Pech Macueng 18/SS/IRM/923
12180 PETER Kuol Atak Bak 19/SS/PHC/180
12545 PETER Gatkuoth Ruot 19/SS/NGO/301
11773 SANTINO Yak Manyuol 18/SS/FA/773
12311 SOKIRI Stephen 19/SS/CPH/311
12302 TABAN Severino Aju 19/SS/PPM/302
12185 TABU Emmanuel Meta Mark 19/SS/PPM/185
12233 TABU Esther Yona 19/SS/CPH/233
12134 TABUA Joel Jasin 19/UG/PHC/134
12111 THOMAS Weeth Amor 19/SS/LPSM/111
12209 TIZA Faith Fabian 19/UG/PHC/209
12102 TURO Jovias Mono Timayo 19/SS/LPSM/102
12288 WADRIBO Nicholas 19/UG/CPH/288
12174 WILLIAM Garang Thiep 19/SS/BAM/174


Please you are reminded to be at API Kampala from the 10th or 11th December 2020 for debriefing and subsequent clearance to receive all the necessary logistics for graduation including Gowns, Convocation booklets and stickers.

Again we remind you that COVID 19 is real, Its the major reason why many students did not satisfy their requirements for respective awards. We could not wait for the next year to Graduate you, all you have to do is to obey the SOPs in order to remain healthy and sound.

Please check out all the details online (Date of birth, Name order and Spellings) if they are correct to avoid aftermaths inconveniences. Inform all your colleagues about it. In case you need a help on travels and visa processing please call us on +256702836998






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